At First Steps our ethos is based on an understanding that children are all individuals who will learn through play and an enjoyment of opportunities provided.

We firmly believe that a child’s experience in their early years has a major impact on their future economic wellbeing and ability to make a positive contribution to their community and work in partnership with parents to ensure a child’s natural learning ability, their curiosity and imagination is nurtured and encouraged in a safe, secure and child centred environment.

This ensures that physical, intellectual and emotional development are all nurtured in an atmosphere of support, understanding, positive reinforcement and encouragement.

We only employ staff who have a strong desire to work within this ethos and who are prepared to undergo continuous training to ensure best possible practice is in place which will benefit the children and their families.

We are dedicated to providing the best we can for both children and their parents


Dedicated to providing the highest standards of care and environment for your child

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